November Desktop Download

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone is enjoying this spooky pseudo-holiday as we ease into the actual-holiday season. It hit me today that November is already here… which is crazy. No matter how often people say it or how truer it starts to feel with age, time really does seem to fly by. I’m sure staying busy has something to do with it - and I have been very busy the last weeks as I prepare to take the German language exam. It’s a massive test that proves fluency in German as a second language (or not), so wish me luck. 

In between studying, however, I took some time to think about these monthly desktop downloads and about why I do them. Many bloggers use beautiful photography for these kinds of things and that’s something I tried doing the last months but I have to admit I didn’t get too excited about them myself. And if I’m not crazy about them, why should you be? So this coming month I tried something new. Since I really love painting, illustration and lettering, (like really!) I decided to do that instead. So here’s a watercolored desktop download with the leaves and colors to bring you all the fall feelings.


For personal use only but feel free to share with friends (and link back here or on IG @briana_goad). I'll be back after testing next week and can't wait to share everything I've been working on lately. 

Until then! xx