US Recap

Georgia Recap

It's been over two weeks since we've gotten back from our trip to the States. We spent a short and sweet two and a half weeks in Georgia and Florida visiting family and friends, attending a wedding, meeting new babies, and cheering on the NBA. As it usually does when you're having fun, time flew by. Here are some snapshots from our trip from top left: window seat from Amsterdam to Atlanta; my old UGA stomping grounds; two of my fav guys with the catch of the day; party bus in Tampa; St. Pete beach - take me back; the Classic City (Athens, you're a dream); watching the Hawks play; last day in Atlanta; and finally how we felt about leaving so soon. 

Every year I say that we'll skip a year or two before going back bc there are just so many other places in the world we want to see. But every year, before we even get back to Berlin, I'm already planning the next trip for the next year because Georgia is just so good and nothing beats quality time with your sweet family and friends.