Creative Market Launch

Several weeks ago I reached out to Creative Market about opening a shop. It was kind of an impulsive request, partly because I had been hit by a particular wave of enthusiasm about creating my own font (I know, call me crazy) and partly because I just wanted to see if they'd allow me to open a shop. 

Creative Market is an online resource for "community generated design assets." I use it often for new fonts, patterns and textures for both Illustrator and Photoshop. Each week they give away 6 free goods (think stock photography, mock-ups, blog themes, etc.) 

So, after watching a Skillshare tutorial about how to create your own font, I was obsessed with opening a shop and publishing my own creations. To my happy surprise, Creative Market was quick to confirm my shop opening - but not before I realized how crazy time consuming and hard it is to create an entirely new font. Although I technically know how to do it, I haven't actually done it yet. Therefore, my new Creative Market shop sat empty and unloved for several weeks. 

In an effort to get it up and running, and also out of a slight fear that they might take the shop back... I recently launched my first product, hand-drawn and watercolored vector elements! 

Ok, it's far from a font, and if we're honest not even something I originally intended to sell. But these houseplant illustrations have been sitting on my desk for a while so I figured why not set them free in the world! 

Now that they're up and live, I have all sorts of ideas for adding to the collection with various illustrations of household goods. There's a great Skillshare class where I got this idea a while back and it's really nice to see it now coming to life.

And who knows? Maybe I'll even publish a font one day. :)