8 Amazing Online Photography Resources


Are you interested in photography? Looking to improve your current skills? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but all cliches aside, taking great photos is not only an enjoyable hobby but is essential for bloggers, marketers and anyone who wants to curate their online presence. At the very least, knowing how to take great photos will certainly reflect in your holiday snapshots. 

I'm a newbie myself and having recently gotten a 50mm lens for my Nikon DSLR, I've been on the hunt for great online resources for learning all the must-know tips and tricks. So here are 8 amazing online photography resources that I've come across.

1. Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography

I've written about my fav Skillshare classes before and photography is no exception when it comes to the vast amount of knowledge there is to be found on the site. I took Phil Ebiner's masterclass and it was a very good comprehensive crash course. The videos cover tons of info, everything from the history of photography, to the bits and bobs of a DSLR, to leveraging your smartphone's camera. It is a premium course so you do have to be a Skillshare member to take part. 

2. Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide

Ah, good old Lifehacker. Am I the only one who still uses this site? They seriously have articles about everything - including photography. Adam Dachis' Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide is another great comprehensive guide. Plus, there are tons of additional resources for things like: composing better photos, editing and sharing. Best part? It's 100% free. 

3. Beginner Nikon Digital SLR (DSLR) Photography

Ok I have not taken this class personally but it's on my to do list. It shows up time and again on best photography resource lists and is unanimously positively reviewed. This Udemy class emphasizes learning through doing, rather than just reading or trying to memorize. Sign me up, please! 


4. 5 Essential Infographics for the Beginner Photographer

If you're more of a visual person, the folks over at SLR Lounge have compiled a few extremely informative infographics covering camera types, lenses, lighting modifiers, portraits, flash and more! 

5. How to Take Better Travel Photos

Not everyone is into taking a full online course - but not to worry, there are other ways to snag some tips and tricks. I stumbled upon this Paper Planes blog post and loved her tips for travel photography. I especially loved her reminder that you can't capture everything... because I think that's something I've always tried to do in the past. It's better to take a few truly captivating photos rather than a million mediocre ones. 

6. 10 Tips to Improve Your Travel Photography

Speaking of travel photography, I have to mention my girls over at Travelettes.net. I freelance on the backend for them and I'm in love with Annapurna's photography. Luckily for us, she shared her tips and tricks for improving your skills. 

7. Things You Didn't Realize Your iPhone Can Do

For all you smartphone loving photographers, Shutterfly shares a great list of things your phone can do that you prob didn't know about before. 

8. Lighting Tips and Tricks for Bloggers and Photographers

I pinned this article from Making Nice in the Midwest some time ago and have to say it's a wonderful resource for anyone looking to improve their product shots. It is super informative about setting up artificial light inside which is a goldmine for Etsy shop owners and the like. Plus, her blog is pretty amazing in general.

So there you have it, my roundup of great online resources. Would you add something to this list? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!