30 Things I've Learned in 30 Years

In January I posted 29 things I’d learned in 29 years which is kind of random since that was no where near my birthday. Now, nine months later, I’ve finally reached that awaited (or dreaded?) milestone - the end of my 20s. And although I only just shared all the insightful things I’ve come to learn in my life… 29 taught me many more. So here it is, 30 things I’ve learned in 30 years.

1. Just getting started is usually the hardest part of anything. Whether it’s learning something new, beginning a new venture, starting a business… just get started. The rest will follow.

2. You don’t have to have the life you were always told you should have… or do the things you’ve always been told to do.  Figure it out for yourself, discover what makes you feel alive and then make your own path.

3. A good night’s sleep beats a party 7-nights a week.

4. When you value sleep over the possible great time you could maybe hypothetically have at a party, you’re 30.

5. Food is only as good as you are hungry.

6. Things are still just that… things. Even my brand new bike that was recently stolen right in my own neighborhood, right out from under my nose. Just things. Material, replaceable things.

7. There are bad people in the world who do things like steal other ppl’s bikes and the longer you live, the more likely you are to get bitter and cynical about it all - but(!) you have see the good and talk about it and participate in it. There are good things happening always and everywhere.

8. It doesn’t matter what other people think.

9. You dream job is still a job - it takes hard work, sweat, sleepless nights, doubts, uncertainties… all of it.

10. But it’s still worth it to pursue your passion.

11. Cheap wine is cheap for a reason. Winemaking is an art in itself and when you pop open a bottle of quality sauv blanc, you’re opening a long history of where that wine came from. (Sommelier documentaries on Netflix? Anyone?)

12. Watching documentaries about sommeliers means you’re 30.

13. Early to bed, early to rise… makes a (wo)man healthy, wealthy and wise.

14. People care more about themselves than they do about you. No matter who they are, no matter who you are. This applies to everyone all over the world.

15. It’s ok to have a lot of hobbies.  Want to learn how to groom poodles? Or set a hula hooping record? Do it! Who cares? Hint: no one, see above point.

16. Nearly everything can be accomplished, over time, with measured and dedicated efforts. You can learn to do anything in like 30 minutes a day for a few months, or drastically improve your health by exercising a tiny bit each week. The results don’t lie people.

17. The world is a village for real.

18. Sometimes things just take a long time. Such as learning to speak German, starting a successful business, learning how to cook. You shouldn’t stress about the time...

19. ...but with that said, by the time you’re 30, well, the clock’s kind of ticking.

20. Cat-sitting is never an isolated occurrence, even after the cat goes back to her rightful owner, you’ll be vacuuming up cat hair for months to come.

21. The importance of knowing, setting and honoring your boundaries cannot be overestimated.

22. Travel is the only thing you can spend money on that makes you richer. Not just a cliche folks. Truth.

23. I’m a planner and it’s cool to be a planner. For a long time I felt pressured to be spontaneous and super chill and laid-back with everything, even when I was secretly stressed or freaking out. It’s cool to be you - no matter what.

24. But it’s not acceptable to eat 3 frozen pizzas a week, not even if you really loooove pizza.

25. Life is too short to do things you don’t like (that aren’t absolutely necessary). Whether it’s work, other commitments, certain people - don’t settle for less!

26. It’s important to nurture your relationships - with family, with friends, after all, they’re who we’re sharing this journey with.

27. Don’t compare yourself to others. Just don't do it.

28. Nothing is more important than self-care. Exercise, eat well, sleep well - and talk nicely to yourself, it makes a difference!

29. Life is a learning process. Being genuinely curious about things is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

30. And last but not least: 30 is still young. 30 is still young. (repeat as often as needed)...

The end of your 20s might feel scary (especially if your husband jokes about grey hairs and calls you “grandma”)... but 30 is the beginning of an entirely new and exciting season of life where you can truly be you - without all the bad decisions, hangovers and other things you're finally ready to leave in the past. 

I turn 30 today and I'm celebrating by exploring the Dingle Peninsula on a road trip through the Irish countryside. This little life of mine is full in so many ways, and I couldn't be more grateful.