Etepetete Design Co. Brand Refresh

You guys! I have been working a lot on my small greeting card business lately. I haven’t talked that much about it here, but basically, a few years ago I had the idea to start making and selling greeting cards and officially founded the business early last year. It’s been an interesting journey since then - watching it transform over the months, seeing which things work and which ones don’t, learning all the facets of running a business (sometimes easily, sometimes the hard ways). But all that’s for a different post at another time.

What I’m most excited about sharing today is that I have completed an entirely new batch of greeting cards for this season. It’s the first time I will have launched so many designs, with 12 new everyday cards and 4 holiday greetings. Paired with a few designs from the last printing, I feel like there’s a proper collection for fall and couldn’t be prouder.

With the new cards off at the printer, I started thinking more about the look of Etepetete Design Co. and how I will present it to retailers. I quickly realized that the “logo” I’d been using - read: a square image I’d thrown together for social media - didn’t look very professional. From the beginning of Etepetete to now, I have learned so much, including a lot about logos and branding, and therefore felt inspired and excited to freshen up the brand identity of my little passion project.

I started using a light teal early on for reasons I don’t know. Then after creating the social media accounts, I needed a square image so I randomly threw a pink “hello” over a circle. Here's what I mean:

Because I didn’t want to do an entirely new brand, I decided to stick with the light blues and peachy pink colors… which can be tricky to get away with unless you intentionally want to look like a cotton-candy vendor. Etepetete has always felt pastel, but I also wanted it to be fun, trendy and design-forward, too. So I made the decision to include a muted chartreuse to brighten it up and also to use some fun patterns (I felt really inspired by hand drawn black and white dots, and black hand lettering). Here's the new:

I redesigned the circular "hello" to maintain consistency but I'm not sure that I'll actually use it since I'm so happy with the new square logo. I also kept the same fonts (again a totally random decision from way back). I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out for now and think if nothing else, the social accounts look 1000 times more professional and legit. Just keeping my fingers crossed that Berlin retailers will think so, too.

I’ll share more in the coming weeks about the cards themselves and can’t wait to show you the new collection!