DIY Wrapping Paper

My first-ever-job was being a gift-wrapper in the gift shop of the Athens, Georgia Cracker Barrel Restaurant when I was 15 years old. I worked every Sunday from 11 to 6 and my primary job was to wrap presents. To be honest, the general task of walking around a tiny shop for 7 hours while listening to Johnny Cash on repeat was the last thing I wanted to do on the weekend. Although it was unbeknownst at the time, it was then that I developed an appreciation for beautifully wrapped gifts and first experienced the satisfaction that comes with tying the final bow and handing over a perfectly packaged present.

Fast forward 15 years and here we are today. My love for beautiful wrapping has only grown stronger and following the three-pieces-tape-rule before tying on a beautiful ribbon bow makes me happy in a way that’s prob not healthy. Last year I hand-painted tags for our gifts, this year I decided to take it a step further and paint the paper. It adds a special personal touch for all your gift giving, is festive and so much fun, I thought I’d share it here!


For this wrapping paper I found a basic roll of brown paper that you can find at any craft shop. You could also use recycled paper bags, packing paper or other paper you have lying around. After measuring the gift, I cut the amount needed for a gift but before wrapping, rolled it out flat for painting. I used gouache to paint whatever felt right but you could use water colors or even acrylic mixed with water if you want. 

After the paint dried I wrapped the gift like normal and added a ribbon. Voila! - a perfectly packaged present with fun personal flair.

This is the perfect fix for your last minute Christmas presents, and it's so much fun! I'd love to see how yours turn out. Link back here or tag me on IG @briana_goad with any photos! 

xx Bri