NEW Card Collection | Etepetete Design Co. | Winter 2016

The new greeting cards are in - and just in time for the holidays! I’ve talked about my small greeting card business before and recently wrote about the new logo and branding. This whole learn-as-you-go run-your-own-business thing can sometimes be challenging and this print run was no exception. When the cards first arrived from the printer everything was wrong: the paper was too thin, the front was not glossed and the cut on all the landscape cards was off by a few mm. So I packed them back up and had a long meeting with the printer about exactly what I wanted. As a result, it took much longer than expected but after everything, the cards are here and ready to ship!

The look of the new designs has shifted quite a bit from the original cards that I made in the beginning. I think that’s normal for designers and artists to progress and transform their style as time goes by. It’s a hard thing to keep pushing forward (or even get started) when you’re not 100% where an idea/project is headed or when it’s not 100% perfect like you’d want. I think it’s during this time of uncertainty and doubt that your true craft and style are born. Even with this new line, there are cards I don’t like anymore and things I would change… but there are also cards that I totally love and could look at all day. And that’s why I definitely believe in the importance of pressing forward w your dreams - no matter how undefined or uncertain they are. Just get started and see what comes from it all.

This new collection features a lot of hand-drawn lettering set against quirky backdrops. For most designs, I started with pen or brush and paper. That’s kind of the process… just a lot of doodling on paper and it really doesn’t look pretty at first. Then a lot of cutting and scanning into the computer for digitizing. Then a bit of color testing and fretting over different combinations, playing with patterns and illustrations. The process can be short or long, sometimes a great card comes out in half an hour or so, other times it takes days. But the whole process, for all it’s ups and downs, trials and errors, is one that I find immense joy in - and that makes it all worth it.


I hope you like the new cards! They are available now for delivery in the shop